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Peace with PCOS

Stop the diet cycle, eliminate your PCOS symptoms, gain energy, and find peace with your body and food. 

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A 10-day course to improve insulin resistance with PCOS without low-carb diets. 


A 5-week course to show you the exact steps to optimize your fertility with PCOS.

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Hi there! I'm Katie.

As a Registered Dietitian and ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, I help women with PCOS balance their hormones without dieting, so they eliminate symptoms and improve their relationship with their body and food! 

Every time you Google PCOS you find advice to lose weight, restrict foods, and take birth control. Not only is that advice far from helpful, it's damaging you mental and physical health. 

Unlike restrictive diets and weight-centric approaches (not giving in to diet culture here!), I use an intuitive-eating and integrative approach to help you manage PCOS through sustainable and flexible nutrition and lifestyle changes.

You can have incredible energy, regular periods, clear skin and thick hair, feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, enjoy food without guilt and even get pregnant!

In other words, I can help you find PEACE with PCOS!

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"Katie's nutrition expertise and incredible coaching skills helped me cut through all the roadblocks that were keeping me stuck. I learned so many valuable tools and skills that will help me thrive with PCOS for the rest of my life."

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