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The 1:1 Peace with PCOS Experience

Calling all women with PCOS!

 Imagine having a predictable cycle without crazy PCOS symptoms, and enjoying what you eat without guilt.

Unlike diets and weight-centric approaches that focus on restriction, the Peace with PCOS Experience will show you to how to balance hormones without dieting so you can eliminate your PCOS symptoms + find peace with your body and food. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You're TIRED of being told to lose weight every time you go to the doctor.
  • You're CRAVING carbs and you dread having to cut them out.
  • You're ready to stop using birth control to manage your PCOS symptoms.
  • You and fatigue are BFF's. 
  • Your confidence is plummeting with every hair you pluck + new patch of acne. 

What if it was possible to feel better without sacrificing a thing?

When your life revolves around your PCOS, it can feel impossible to live your best life. Unwanted facial hair, irregular periods, fatigue, brain fog, insulin resistance and a hormonal imbalance are enough to live with. 

But cutting out carbs, too? No way. 

Done are the days of dreading the latest diet all of your coworkers can’t stop talking about. Sky high, impossible-to-reach expectations are outta here

Instead, let’s pull up a chair and your favorite mug and learn how to work with your body in the individualized Peace with PCOS Experience. Finally, you’ll learn how to nourish your body from the inside out without restrictive diets.

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What My Clients Are Saying


"The biggest difference was the change in my mindset around food. I wasn’t getting stuck in food battles any more and I was listening to my own hunger cues for when to eat instead of waiting until I was absolutely starving to eat something. Physically I had more energy and had less stomach troubles."


"I had no clue how to apply gentle nutrition to my life without going back into the toxic dieting cycle. Katie’s nutrition expertise and incredible coaching skills helped me cut through all the roadblocks that were keeping me stuck. I learned so many valuable tools and skills that will help me thrive with PCOS for the rest of my life. Would recommend this program to anyone with PCOS!"


"I took the leap to start coaching because I wanted to invest in myself and my health.I no longer have intense cravings for junk food all the time. I no longer feel like a zombie by 2:00; I have energy to play with my son. Food is no longer a hard or punishing choice, I am able to listen to my body and eat what I need. I finally understand how to nourish my body!"

You can feel better, starting right now. 

  • You CAN understand the driving factors of your PCOS symptoms and implement changes to feel your best
  • You CAN show up confidently to every happy hour and family gathering because you know which foods will nourish your body & PCOS. 
  • You CAN ditch dieting for good and actually enjoy your meals
  • You CAN build healthy habits through this 1:1 coaching experience


Not only that...

  • Have regular periods 
  • Ovulate (and confirm it) 
  • Get pregnant naturally 
  • Feel energized when you get up in the morning 
  • Say goodbye to carb cravings 
  • Have clear skin & thick hair (on your head, of course)
  • Stop uncontrollable weight gain 

With Katie’s help in 1:1 coaching, all of those things are possible for you. It’s up to you to decide that you’re ready to live life on your terms and feel your best every single day. 

Are you ready to finally wake up and feel energized to take on the day?

The 1:1 Peace with PCOS Experience is an individualized program that’ll guide you step-by-step to make the changes YOUR body needs and finally make your daydreams a reality. You can eliminate your PCOS symptoms without dieting. Let’s do it together.

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 A Sneak Peak Inside the Experience

1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions

1:1 coaching sessions will guide you through understanding your PCOS, creating goals, and implementing nutrition and lifestyle changes to address what's driving your PCOS. 

Access to Peace with PCOS Academy Video Lessons

You will be granted access to video lessons that complement the nutrition + lifestyle changes you're making to understand the WHY behind them. 

Unlimited Support

You'll get access to unlimited messaging support so you always have someone in your corner to ask questions + get guidance.

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What We Cover

Your PCOS Purpose

You'll get a personalized assessment of your labs, habits, cycle history, and more. You'll understand exactly what's going on inside your body, learn to track your cycle and know WHY your symptoms are happening. You'll also receive a personalized plan to address your PCOS!

Reset Your Perspective

Stop yo-yo dieting, adopt a nourishment mindset, and learn intuitive eating skills so you can improve body confidence, free up mental-space, feel in-control with food, and be empowered to work with your body, not against it.

Build Your PCOS Plate

Learn my three-step framework to nourish your body to improve insulin resistance and inflammation, maximize fertility, feel energized, and prevent diabetes.  And all without eliminating a single food. I'll help you create meals that YOU enjoy + that address your specific health conditions. 

Supplements as Support

You'll get a personalized supplement protocol to fit your needs. 

Practice Lifestyle Habits that Help

Build consistent routines to nourish your body through movement, quality sleep and stress management that fit into your life + address your PCOS. 

Tracking + Troubleshooting

Understand how to monitor progress, troubleshoot, and get personalized feedback and coaching each step of the way. 

🤩 Plus Get These Amazing Bonuses When You Join Now!

The Peace with PCOS Ebook

A 60+ page downloadable workbook to accompany your journey with nutrition for PCOS.

The Ultimate PCOS-Friendly Meal Guide

A pdf guide with a sample 14-day meal plan AND over 130 handpicked meal ideas + recipes to help you balance blood sugar and improve inflammation with PCOS.

Meet Your Coach

👋 Hi there, I'm Katie, PCOS Dietitian!

When I started my PCOS journey, it took me years of suffering, overwhelm, and being dismissed by doctors to finally figure out how to live well with it. No matter how many diets, exercise programs, or doctors I saw  my symptoms were still out-of-control.  

That's when I started working WITH my body, not against it. 

I started managing my stress, doing movement I enjoyed, and started practicing intuitive eating which led me to realize I didn't need to diet or focus on weight loss to improve my PCOS. After that my symptoms started to lessen significantly, I felt confident in my body, and I even got pregnant (twice!). 

So often we're taught that weight loss is the key to health when we should be focusing more on sustainable behaviors that work with our bodies. 

Now, as a Registered Dietitian, I help women with PCOS eliminate their symptoms and find peace with their bodies by showing them they don't need fight against their bodies with restrictive diets to improve PCOS. With a little bit of support and nourishment we can all find peace with PCOS.

What My Clients Are Saying


"The biggest difference for me has just been feeling like I have confidence in know how to manage my PCOS. Food is no longer one of the biggest stressors in my life which is huge. Additionally I have more energy, have experienced less fatigue and brain fog, have seen a return in my menstrual cycles, and overall just feel more in tune with my body and it’s needs."


"I had 3 regular cycles after working with Katie, my acne improved, and I wasn’t consistently tired! I learned how to get my PCOS a under control and gained my cycle back which is invaluable as I struggled getting pregnant due to such an irregular cycle!"


"The best thing that happened to me because of working with Katie was a dramatic and positive shift in mindset - both with how I view myself and how I view food. I was able to learn about body positivity, health at every size, intuitive eating, true nourishment, and how to create a balanced PCOS plate. I am so much happier and more positive now that I am able to realize that my body is not the enemy."

It's about time to ditch the PCOS drama!

If you’ve been feeling lost or overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information out there about PCOS, it’s time to put your trust into someone who’s been there, also has PCOS and knows exactly what to do. Your time is now. Let’s do it together.

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Your Investment

VIP Six-Month Experience

$375 per month

for 6 months.

  • One 90-minute consult + EIGHT 45-minute follow-up virtual coaching sessions 
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan 
  • Access to Peace with PCOS Academy video lessons 
  • Unlimited messaging between sessions 
  • Discount on Fullscript Supplements
  • E-guides, recipes, complementary info + more.  

Extended payment plan options available by request.  


Monthly Installment

$997 per month

for 4 months

  • 12 Weekly group coaching calls covering the Attract-Convert-Serve method
  • 6 Biweekly Office Hours with Laura
  • 9+ Guest Expert Interviews
  • Private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to program

Three-Month Experience

$525 per month

for 3 months

  • One 90-minute consult + FIVE 45-minute follow-up virtual coaching sessions 
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan 
  • Access to Peace with PCOS Academy video lessons 
  • Unlimited messaging between sessions 
  • Discount on Fullscript Supplements
  • E-guides, recipes, complementary info + more.  

Extended payment plan options available by request.  


Peace with PCOS Academy



  • One 30-minute onboarding session
  • Access to Peace with PCOS Academy video lessons on to take you through the step-by-step pathway to managing PCOS without dieting
  • Two 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions to get support implementing what you learn + have your questions answered
  • E-guides, recipes, complementary info + more. 

Payment plan options available by request.



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